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Negotiating Your Salary as a Recent Graduate

Recent graduates struggle to assert themselves in the workplace. As former college students, they tend to have difficulties feeling like a professional whilst surrounded by more experienced personnel. These insecurities are even more prevalent when in negotiations regarding their salary. However, it shouldn’t be frightening to assess your worth within the workplace. The following are tips to help navigate those tricky negotiations:

Researching Basic Entry-Level Salaries

In order to understand your personal value, it’s important to know what the average person is being paid in your field of work. With this knowledge you can assess whether your skill sets are worth more than this. It can also help you recognize when you are being given an unfair offer.

Websites you can use:

  • NACE salary calculator





What Sets You Apart?

You must know your value in order to succeed in negotiating your salary.. What skills do you possess that the average employee doesn’t have? Know what you’re going to bring to the company, and emphasize those points during the negotiation. Show the company that you are irreplaceable. Show them your worth.

Have a Range of Options

When you walk into the negotiation, don’t walk in with a specific number. Make sure you provide a range of where you hope for your salary to fall. Don’t sell yourself short, make sure your lowest value is comfortable enough for your lifestyle, and that the highest number isn’t unrealistic. Having a range of options can make the company understand that you’re willing to accept a number lower than your highest pitch. A specific number can feel nonnegotiable, which can create an uneasiness.

Be Confident in Your First Interview

You need to understand what you’re getting into when interviewing for a company. The first interview is the time to start discussing average entry-salary. This way you can assess if the company is willing to negotiate or if their number is finite. If they are finite and the salary is not what you’re looking for, you’ll know when to walk away. This will save you from wasting your time with countless interviews, just for you to walk away from the offer.

Salary negotiations don’t need to be nerve wracking. If you handle them with confidence and have a strong understanding of your value to the company, you’ll do great.

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