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Updated: Mar 12, 2021

Social Media’s Use in Mental Health Services

Sample Report Written in PRL 2180

Although social media has been notoriously known for its negative effects on adolescents' mental health, if used properly it can actually be a beneficial platform for those seeking help. Social media can provide a sense of community and support, easier access to healthy coping mechanisms and a better awareness around the topic of mental health. Belmont’s Counseling Services can utilize the youth’s activity on social media to connect with their students on a new level.


According to Instagram’s prime posting algorithm:

An Instagram story should be posted every morning, afternoon, and night.

A regular Instagram post should be posted every day or two.

Do a lot of aesthetically pleasing graphics. These will grab the viewer's attention and encourage them to continue reading. These can be utilized in a post demonstrating ways to destress, cope or seek help through their programs. The American Psychological Association details that image and graphic paired with text elicits a stronger viewing than just one or the other. With our generation’s short attention span it’s vital that these graphics are as eye-grabbing as possible.

Once a week use the anonymous questionnaire button on the Instagram story. Chris Brogan, author of Social Media 101, states that “[s]ocial networks make for great ways to understand the mind-set of the online consumer.” This allows the students to get their anonymous questions or comments replied to on an open platform. Even the students who don’t participate can see the response and learn more about the services that Belmont replies.

Demonstrate more diversity in the department.

Belmont’s mission is a student-centered Christian community providing an academically challenging education that empowers men and women of diverse backgrounds to engage and transform the world with disciplined intelligence, compassion, courage and faith.

In order to uphold this mission and empower the Belmont community students need to feel safe. Not only in their environment but in their own head. The counseling services need to be welcoming and a direct reflection of the community here at Belmont. There needs to be more of a recognition of the LGBTQ+ comunnity (Haveing a queer counselor and LGBTQ tips and support groups) and various racial communities (Make your staff and promotions reflect these kids too. It's hard to talk to a white person about your oppression).

Twitter & Facebook : Adding these to your repertoire ensures that the counseling services reach every student and parent. These posts can look similar to the ones on Instagram with minor adjustments to fit the platform’s format.

Tik Tok

Use Tik Tok. A lot of psychologists are on this platform. They do trendy dances while facts about mental health and beneficial services pop up. It puts a light hearted spin on heavy topics, by appealing to the type of content the students are already paying attention to. This would make the counseling center seem less intimidating and more like a friend they can talk to.

“Tik Tok has been widely used during the [COVID-19] outbreak for medical staff and the public,” states The Lancet Psychiatry. They state that due to its heavy traffic amongst Millennials and Generation Z, it’s best to spread information through platforms as such due to its speedy and easily measurable outreach.

What to Promote:

Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

◆ TAO walk throughs and promotions on stories and on the main page

◆ Fitrec activities promoted on stories

◆ Walk-in hours & location put in the bio and posted on the main page

◆ What Services Belmont Provides (group therapy, individual therapy, ect.) should be a frequent part of your posts

◆ Mental Health Wellness Tips posted weekly

◆ Crisis Hotlines in the bio

Tik Tok

◆ Mental Health Wellness Tips

◆ Tips on How to Distress/ Deal with Various Situations

◆ Benefits of TAO

◆ How to Help a Friend

◆ Benefits of Therapy

◆ Crisis Hotlines

The use of these tactics could expand the amount of students the counseling services can reach. Through the evaluation of likes, follows, views, and shares Belmont can analyze the effect of these tactics so that they can adjust and improve them throughout the educational year. Social media is a powerful tool that has the ability to shape people’s views and educate the public on various topics. Being able to understand and use this platform to its utmost ability will greatly improve the quality of Belmont’s Counseling Services.


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